The Department of IT and Communications(DICT) from West University, from Timişoara has the following objectives:

Implementation of continuous development strategy, coherent and unified infrastructure for information and communication technologies (ICT) in West University of Timisoara, to support performance and excellence in academic and research activities of the university

Implementing an integrated system for managing educational process aimed at automating specific information processing faculties and departments UVT;

Ensuring efficient communication through reliable access to Internet services for all teachers, students and staff and constantly upgrading UVT Internet and Intranet facilities offered by digital communications network UVT - UVTNet;

Provision of ICT facilities (ICT) performance for students, teachers and employees UVT of access, processing and communication of information relevant to each category of users UVT;

Providing electronic services accessible and efficient public community information on academic programs and educational facilities UVT.

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