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The network UWT consists of three main parts:

The local network from the headquarters of UWT (Pârvan no. 4);
The local network of faculties external to UWT (we include here also the dorms);
The transport network, which represents a link between the faculties and the headquarters.

1) The technology used is ethernet. Cabling LANs is fully UTP, STP, SFTP, depending on the route which the cable follows. Racks and access switches are connected to distribution switches / core through multimode optical fiber at speeds of 1GB/sec.

The physical local network in the headquarters is logically separated according to its users and its usage. Such are separated logical networks for frameworks, laboratories, administrative staff, etc. Servers and network equipments have their own network, carefully monitored. There is also a wireless infrastructure, currently in expansion. The network is composed of both dedicated equipment (Cisco routers) and open-source solutions.

2) The local network of faculties and dorms is made entirely of cat 5 and 6 FTP cable. As active devices the network is composed of switches with a management of 24 and 48 ports. The link with the headquarters is made via a router.

3) The transport network is entirely made of single mode optical fiber operating at speeds of 100 MB full duplex. Each external location of UWT, has a double bond with the headquarters, one for telephony and one for data.

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